WELL, it seems that all these years I have got Mr (Gerald) Stoodley wrong.

I always thought that his many letters on various subjects were an excuse to continue highlighting personal deeds. Now I realise that his use of irony had me – and I am sure many others – fooled.

Three weeks ago in these columns he was promoting yourself as a potential successor to Sir George Young, while at the same time congratulating our retiring MP.

Until I realised the error of my ways, last week’s contribution – deprecating your choices and scornful of Sir George’s fundraising efforts compared with his own – came as a surprise.

I am now convinced that he offers these contradictions simply for our amusement.

As for his second choice for incoming MP, Councillor Ian Carr, this could only mean more “growth for Andover”.

Growth in empty shops in town, growth in pothole numbers, growth in councillors’ expenses…need I go on?

Perhaps that could be an electioneering slogan: A vote for Carr is a vote for growth.

However, in the style of Mr Stoodley, I digress. I should have realised the humour in his missives when he promised a couple of years back to quit writing, and confirmed last week when his “well-written and meaningful material” ends up in your bin.

Shame on you Mr Editorial!

Les Mitchell Lambourne Close Thruxton