AFTER reading about the new revamp of the upper High Street, I thought ‘yes, about time too’.

And then I looked at what had been done in the lower High Street and thought ‘oh no, not again’. Please, no more flower beds that look like over-sized rubbish bins, as that’s what they become.

Wool played a big part in the town’s past, and we have a great Iron Age museum. If we need plants why not a ram made of plant like the dragon in Salisbury, or something along our past lines?

We had such wonderful things made like this in the town park once. Every year it was something different.

Go back to our roots and make us proud again, or is that just too much to ask from a council that just does not learn its lessons? We want a town to be proud of, not laughed at.

The saying is ‘build it and they will come’. But it has to be good, or they won’t. So come on, council, get it right this time, please.

Mrs T Wilson, Ash Tree Road, Andover