CASH contributions are windfalls – they will dry up when the developers move on or the housing market drops off.

Revamping the town centre may bring more money in and make it look nicer, but there is no mention of the rest of Andover. The trading estates have the capacity to generate long-term prosperity.

My company opened a subsidiary branch last November. The rental discount was one attraction and although TVBC is happy to receive the rates from us, there is no advice to help businesses new to the area to thrive; it is sink or swim.

The Internet service in Portway West is in the age of horse and cart.

It is hampering daily transactions and the phone links.

We can do nothing about it.

It requires more powerful people to put pressure on for proper modern services to all areas.

When our lease comes up for renewal we will look for premises elsewhere, with unhampered Internet access.

It is crazy to ignore the many medium and smaller businesses that oil the cogs in Andover’s economy.

Amanda Squires, Beech Close, Thruxton.