I WAS extremely upset that there is no mention in the plans for the town centre to include any provision for disabled people to park for 15 or 30 minutes in the High Street.

Since the High Street has been pedestrianised I have had to take any jewellery repairs or purchases to a jewellers in Parchment Street, Winchester, as I can park immediately outside the shop.

I get all my stationery requirements at Staples in Basingstoke as I can park outside.

I absolutely dread having to go to my bank or building society in Andover as I can only walk a few yards without having to rest.

I used to go to DIY in the High Street, which is a marvellous shop, but I now have to go somewhere else for all the things I used to buy there. The Shopmobility is no use to me as it would seem to be a terrible waste of time for a five-minute purchase and is a danger to the pedestrian public.

Now that all this money has been earmarked for a revamp of the High Street, I do hope the council will make it more user-friendly for disabled people.

Mrs April Thacker, Diplands Lodge, St Mary Bourne.