AN open letter to county councillor Sean Woodward:

A letter to the editor of the Andover Advertiser, bearing your name, was published on April 18. It has left a number of us in a quandary and we, the electorate residing in the area of the cycle path, would like some clarification please.

Your letter states: “The increased use of the route by cyclists reported by both the police and neighbourhood warden…”.

A neighbourhood warden is a valuable resource available to us and we remain ignorant of his/her existence.

Can you please clarify the following for us?

What defines the “neighbourhood”

to which you refer? Can you please let us know the roads/streets that form the boundary of the said neighbourhood?

How can we distinguish the neighbourhood warden – does he/she wear a uniform?

What are his/her responsibilities?

What services does he/she provide to the neighbourhood?

How can we contact our neighbourhood warden?

Is this neighbourhood warden a resource provided by Hampshire County Council or Test Valley Borough Council?

How long has a neighbourhood warden been in situ?

I thought it would be an ideal opportunity for you to reply and silence the sceptics, who question the source of the statistics that led to your decision.

Keith Cezair, Cheavley Close, Andover