ONCE again, we at Andover PHAB, are extremely grateful to the staff and customers who kindly donated to our recent Store Collection at Tesco Extra, River Way.

We raised a total of £163.70p, plus a few extra trolley discs.

Also a big Thank You to the following stores for their kind donations, that went towards the Summer Raffle which we held in the Upper Guildhall last month.

Tesco Extra, Sainsbury’s North, Waitrose and The Body Shop.

We wish to notify and apologise to all our customers that we will not be in the Upper Guildhall on Thursday September 4, due to a presentation being held there. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Lastly we would like to extend our very special thanks to Sheryl Scott-Clarke, who is the Andover Community Champion from Tesco’s.

She has helped us considerably and it is appreciated.

June Dillon Secretary ANDOVER PHAB