MY APOLOGIES for refusing to let this issue simply fade away but both Keith Cezair and I are determined to prove the transparency of the trail that led to the approval of the Weyhill Road Cycleway and the evidence/statistics used to confirm its necessity.

To that end, over the last few days following an e-mail I sent to Cllr Woodward who approved the scheme in June, I have been asking questions about the neighbourhood warden for this area of Andover.

It seems it is someone called Katarzyna Slawska. I have to say in 20 years of living on Weyhill road I have never heard of her or probably seen her.

After asking deliberately specific questions of TVBC, an e-mail arrived this afternoon from them, which makes for interesting reading.

Although it contains the expected caveat, it does seem to fly in the face of what Cllr Woodward said in his letter to the Andover Advertiser on 18 April this year. In that letter, Cllr Woodward said, and I quote: “In determining the demand for this scheme we have also taken account of the increased use of the route by cyclists reported by both the police and the neighbourhood warden.

They have identified that around one in four cyclists travelling along Weyhill Road are currently using the footway”.

I challenged that assertion then and I challenge it now.

It is simply not true.

As I e-mail this latest development to you both, Keith Cezair is endeavouring to establish the extent of the police being consulted on this scheme. I suspect the same outcome.

I may be wrong but I believe that someone, somewhere, at either HCC or TVBC, possibly both, have simply thrown in both the neighbourhood warden and police being consulted because both carry some weight with the public.

I do hope that you will both give this some public airing – I think the public should be made aware.

Alan Turner Weyhill Road Andover