I DISAGREE wholeheartedly with Mrs Thacker’s letter in regards to disabled parking.

In fact I do not think there should be any vehicles in the High Street at all.

There are plenty of other car parks with more than enough disabled/blue badge holder parking.

While walking up the High Street, have you ever seen a person trying to park in the spaces that are currently there and, possibly due to their age or disability, not seen the pedestrians and nearly run them over? I have.

You stand there and cringe as they attempt a simple three-point turn in less than 100 moves and still fail and it is oh so annoying when you see someone park up in a disabled bay and, as they get out, you realise their only disability is the inabilty to stop eating cakes!

Make it all a no-vehicle zone, as at the moment there are probably more disabled parking spaces than there are shops.

Richie Towerton Roman Way Andover