I NOTE a flurry of very good letters of late from various pensioners I think pointing how so much is now financially out of reach.

I recall farm shows and cathedrals entry were cited.

They were right. But I think they have all missed a much more serious and scandalous case namely the imposition of massive charges for hospital parking. Many pensioners (and others) have no choice about having to visit hospital or go as welcome visitors for in-patients or family. I have to attend at Winchester Hospital every two weeks which is £4 each time like a surcharge on my pension.

I have only been to Andover for tests so cannot remember how much I fed into the machine – whatever it was – it was too much.

In principle all hospital parking everywhere should be free. If this made a NHS shortfall that could be made up from general taxation or better still scrap all foreign aid and redirect that tax money to look after our own people first. No other country as far as I know imposes parking charges on sickness or disability. It is just a UK rip off of a captive visitor group.

Walter Pope, Taskers Way, Anna Valley