SINCE his latest false arrest, Cllr Tony Hooke, below, seems awfully quiet. Has the Establishment finally extinguished his enthusiasm for the town, or has he just lost his political mojo?

The town needs him, more than ever, as it is apparent that the much needed rejuvenation of Andover is sadly not happening.

The Tories have decided to bring in a Londoner to try to fix things in Andover.

I, and I suspect many others, would like to see Tony Hooke stand against the Conservative candidate in Andover, as I feel he is one of the few who could kick start our town.

His vision and passion for the town saw him and Tim Rolt overturn massive majorities at the county election, and I believe he could do the same again at next year’s General Election.

So if you read this Tony, it’s time for you to get up and fight for this town once more!

Liz Ferla Kellys Walk Andover