Town councillors have again lodged objections to a proposed new Costa Coffee in town, citing traffic concerns.

Councillors on Andover Town Council’s Planning Committee raised concerns that the new iteration of the plans had not addressed the issues they had previously voiced, relating to the possibility of tailbacks across the roundabout on New Street outside Munro’s Garage.

Councillor Barbara Long said: “I don’t think the new plans overcome the concerns we had over the entrance into the drive through, it’s still the same entrance as going to get fuel.

“I know HCC have said the tailback won’t cause problems but even cars going to get fuel can tailback across the road so if you’ve got a tailback for the pumps then you won’t be able to get into the drive through as I don’t think the entrance is big enough.”

The new version of the plans are very similar to the previous iteration, with two unoccupied retail units being demolished if the work is approved, with one being replaced while the other will make way for Costa Coffee.

It will be constructed next to the petrol station and McDonalds at the junction of Watery Lane and New Street, and would be the coffee chain’s fourth outlet in Andover and the second drive-through.

Concerns over the site being located at a busy junction were raised by Hampshire County Council, the highways authority, last time the plans were submitted, said that the use of the drive-through at peak times could impact on cars trying to enter the other units at the site.

Test Valley Borough Council, meanwhile, said that more information was needed on how 41 parking spaces would be provided at the site. Andover Town Council went one step further and issued an objection to the plans, saying there was a “danger of tailbacks causing excessive traffic congestion”.

The developers have said that following further information being provided, Hampshire County Council was satisfied there would be an “acceptable level of queuing” without blocking access to other units or the roundabout.

They added that concerns over the use of delivery services like Uber Eats, impacting on traffic, would be limited to five per cent of custom at the business, and that the use of delivery drivers would reduce overall traffic volumes.

However, Cllr Luigi Gregori voiced confusion over what had changed, saying: “I have to say I looked at the documentation and I’m even more confused than I was more. I don’t see how the comments we raised about the traffic have been dealt with. Traffic seems to be the issue in a lot of people’s minds.”

The council lodged an objection to the plans, which will now be considered by Test Valley Borough Council. To have your say on the application, visit TVBC’s planning site and search with the application number - 21/01632/FULLN.