THE true story of a fight against the scourge of international piracy will be coming to Andover next month.

Join author and security expert, Jordan Wylie, at The Lights on Monday, 6 November at 7.30pm for the launch of his new book Citadel.

Citadel gives a personal insight into the gritty reality of piracy in the 21st century, seen through the eyes and experiences of Jordan himself.

He saw service in Iraq but then suffered an injury that prevented him climbing further through the ranks.

Undeterred he began to explore options beyond the Army which led to working as part of a security team on a tanker in the Yemen.

Ex-servicemen were offered dazzling salaries and `James Bond’ lifestyles between jobs to protect the super-tankers carrying consumer goods to Europe and the US.

Jordan seized the opportunity and set about helping to define best practice methods in the fight against this new form of emerging ocean based terrorism.

Undoubtedly an action packed page turner, the book is also underpinned by one man’s determination, focus, ambition and drive.

Many young people struggle to see a direction or path through life, and Jordan hopes that the book will inspire and encourage them to strive for the best that they can be.

To attend the book launch and learn more about his adventures from the author himself email enquiries@

A complimentary drink will be available on arrival for all guests.