ARMY Aviation during the Falklands War will come under the spotlight in this month’s talk at the Museum of Army Flying by a veteran who commanded a squadron during the conflict.

Brigadier (Ret’d) Colin Sibun, then newly appointed to command 656 Squadron Army Air Corps (AAC) will give an illustrated personal perspective on the challenges, highs and lows of taking his squadron off to war in very unfamiliar circumstances.

The talk, entitled The Falklands: An Aviation Perspective, takes place on Thursday, 16 November and covers the preparation in the UK, deployment by sea, the squadron’s involvement in the battles of Goose Green, Wireless Ridge and Mount Tumbledown, as well as the final victory.

Brig Sibun said: “Operation Corporate, the operation to recover the Falkland Islands from their Argentinean invaders, was short, bloody and totally unexpected.

“The truism that there is nothing more certain than the unexpected was clearly illustrated by events in the South Atlantic in 1982.”

Major points of interest in the talk will include the rapid assimilation into a new brigade Order of Battle, unfamiliarity of dismounted/non-mechanised warfare, Deployment by sea and unintended consequences of rapid departure from UK, loss of helicopter and crew, operating without vehicles, and flying operations, especially armed action and casualty evacuation.

Brig Sibun’s military career saw him commissioned into the Royal Artillery, then transferred to AAC in 1970.

He has undertaken regimental duty in Germany, UK and Northern Ireland (two four-month tours and one two-year posting, all in Omagh).

His aviation appointments include Command of 7 Regt AAC, Commander Aviation UKLF, Director Army Aviation.

He was also head of AFSOUTH Intelligence Staff during the Bosnian War.

Tickets for the talk, which starts at 7pm, cost £10 and include a welcome glass of wine or soft drink.

There is also a curry supper available from the Apache Café from 6pm for £7.50.

For more information, and to purchase tickets, visit or call 01264 784421.