PREVIEW: Loving Vincent, Andover Film Club

ON MONDAY, Andover Film Club is bringing the Oscar nominated Loving Vincent to the town for the first time.

Not only has the film received extensive international acclaim, the ambitious animated feature is the worlds first film to be entirely made up of oil paintings, telling the story of the life and death of Van Gogh in his own trademark style.

The film was a labour of love, taking six-years to complete and featuring over 66-thousand individual oil paintings based on live action performances from a cast including Chris O’Dowd and Helen McRoy.

Andover Film Club will be showing Loving Vincent on Monday, 12 February, 8PM at ODEON Andover.

Tickets priced at £5 for members. Non-members also welcome at £6.50 a ticket.

For more information about the club and the showing, visit