REVIEW: AMTC Legally Blonde The Musical, The Lights, Andover

Everybody loves the tale of an underdog, whether that's Forrest Gump facing the challenges of life, or the story of film Cool Runnings - I mean a Jamaican Bobsled team was never going to be the front runner. Legally Blonde The Musical is an underdog tale, but not as you know it. Based on the hit film of the same name, the story follows gorgeous Sorority leader and Malibu blonde, Elle Woods, who has everything going for her. Friends, money, looks and perhaps an upcoming engagement? How does this make Elle an underdog?

It’s not until the sheltered blonde's life come's crashing down around her, and we see our leading lady picking up the pieces to chase after the love that left her for a ‘sensible’ women, we see Elle truly come out of her shell.

Thrust into the highly competitive world of Harvard Law school to win back her love Warren Huntington III (Jonathan Harrison-Walsh), Elle’s knock-backs and trials takes her on an unexpected path.

Brought to life on opening night (Wednesday, November 7) by Andover Musical Theatre Company (AMTC), the high-tempo production sucked the audience in with the sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking story of the ‘Legally Blonde’ lead, played by Sophie Ross in her debut role in the group. Ross showed fantastic stamina and deep understanding of the character, who underneath was not just another pretty face.

Elle was backed up on her journey of discovery by her fierce Sorority sisters, Serena (Anna Neary), Pilar (Laura Budd) and Margot, (Lucy Hunt) who together portrayed laugh out loud stereotypes of the ‘over the top’ Sorority girl, of course that included a cheerleader with serious attitude.

The lovable Emmett Forrest, who kept Miss Woods on track throughout her Harvard journey, was played with a quirky New Yorker flair by Craig Saunders.

Among the rest of the cast, who worked together in admirable sync, was canine star Chiquita the Chihuahua, playing Bruiser Woods, Elle’s loveable pooch.

Making her directorial debut was Becky Rungen, who’s vision and creativity lead the show to success. The set design was impressively fluid, changing shape throughout the show in continuous movement, seeing that the action was ceaseless in its delivery.

Adam Blosse’s role as musical director was a success in its own right, with each number executed to be catchy as hell.

This all singing all dancing and very pink production of a story set out to inspire that 'anything is possible if you put your mind to it' was another success for AMTC.

With limited budget, resources, time and people, the quality and execution of this loveable musical should be applauded.

The performance runs until Saturday November 15 at The Lights. Tickets are £15 with limited availability remaining. To book, visit

For more information about Andover Musical Theatre Company, visit their website.