ANDOVER rubbish campaigner Manuela Wahnon says a new litter phenomenon has shocked her this week.

For the first time she says that she has discovered used nappies being dumped around the town.

She said: “This is a step too far and people should know that some things are totally unacceptable.

“There’s been filled dog poo bags tied up and left around in the road and filled disposable nappies left on a resident’s doorstep in Osborne Road.

“Today I was told by someone that he picked up two nappies in the bushes at the top of Union Street.

“I know that park at the back of the Town Mills, is another area where people have started to toss filled disposable nappies – plus of course the electricity substation in George Yard car park “Is it an education problem. Or could it be that parents don’t know that these can be put into any of our numerous bins in our town even if there are no receptacles in the public toilets?”

A spokeswoman for Test Valley Borough Council said: “The council’s cleansing staff find various waste littered - mostly smoking and food-related waste. While the occasional littered nappy is not unheard of, the council has not seen any increase over time.

“As with other unpleasant litter,most people don’t touch it and our staff have the required protective equipment to handle all sorts of waste.

“Nappies can be put in normal litter bins and in small amounts pose little health hazard.”