A COUPLE who met while working in a flour mill over 50 years ago have just celebrated their Golden anniversary.

Margaret and Michael Fraher, from Launcelot Close Andover, who were married at Andover Register Office on 12 October 1963, celebrated 50 years of marriage on Saturday.

The pair first met at McDougalls flour mill when new employee Michael was struggling with the clocking-in machine and Margaret stepped in to help.

Michael had moved to England from Ireland in 1952, and was travelling from London on the train to get some work when he saw the flour mill and got off the train to get a job.

This led to his chance meeting with Margaret which initially started with waves across the work place before developing into something a little more serious.

Michael said: “I knew something was going to make us work for 50 years.

“I want another 50 years.”

Micheal’s career has seen him refuelling aeroplanes for the RAF and working for AJ Dennings for 23-and-ahalf years.

Margaret spent her working life cleaning at various places including Portals and also worked at the RAF as a messenger delivering mail.

Michael said: “We are not well off, but it’s not money it’s what is in your heart that counts.”