CHILDREN at Grateley Primary School had the opportunity to get up close to sea life when Billingsgate Seafood School visited them.

Davina Tibbetts and Tania Russell, from Billingsgate Seafood School, brought in many different types of fish and seafood for the children to explore and handle; which was something that many of them had never done before.

The seafood school is a charitable company which aims to promote the awareness of fish in young people and give training to those already working in the industry.

The children got their hands covered in ink from the squid and scales from the many varieties of fish giving the school a distinctly seaside smell on the day.

There was a serious side to the visit which was to introduce the children to the concept of sustainable fishing around Britain and how fish and seafood products end up on our tables.

They watched a short presentation which explained this process.

One of the highlights of the day was the opportunity to taste the smoked mackerel pate which the children had helped to make.

The children were encouraged to try ‘just a lick’, with many of them tucking in heartily and going back for seconds.

Mrs Hood, assistant head, said: “It was wonderful to see how enthusiastic the children were and how many of them were willing to try something new.

“They were especially keen to handle the squid. It was a really interesting day and one the children will certainly remember.”