PEOPLE are being invited to the Whitchurch Silk Mill for its public annual meeting.

The chairman and trustees are inviting residents of Whitchurch, as well as anyone else interested in the safekeeping of the mill, to take part.

The meeting will be held at the mill at 7pm on Thursday, 12 June and there will be a chance to learn about developments at the mill over the last two years and contribute ideas about what should happen in the future.

The mill will be open free of charge and there will be a chance to see weaving taking place and to tour the building.

The chairman of Whitchurch Silk Mill Trust, Rupert Nabarro said: “The mill has come a long way in two years, thanks to the hard work of many people who have given their time for nothing, as well as the manager and staff.

“The mill is weaving again, it is hosting some wonderful events and visitor numbers have increased hugely; there were 18,789 visitors in 2013/14, a 78 per cent increase on the previous year.

“We not only want to share our successes with the people of Whitchurch and to thank them for their support, but also to get their ideas about how to make the mill even more successful.

“Whitchurch Silk Mill is a jewel in the community, it belongs to the people of Whitchurch, and they have a right to help shape its future.”