A MAN who drove into the back of a family’s car while arguing with his wife fled the scene as he “didn’t want to lose his no claims bonus”.

Darren Knapp crashed into the back of the car, containing two children, “at such force that bits of the vehicle were left behind”.

Prosecuting, Kate Prince said Mr Watson had stopped at a traffic light on New Bridge Road, Salisbury, with his wife and two children on June 24 when his car was “struck from behind”.

Knapp, of Galahad Close, Andover, reversed the offending car and drove away from the scene.

Police were called and Mr Watson gave part of Knapp’s registration number. A Vauxhall badge had also been found on the road.

Knapp, 41, admitted hitting the car while driving at “20 or 30mph” and was “distracted” by an argument with his wife.

He said he had seen the occupants of the car get out after the crash, so thought they were not injured.

Knapp said he did not report it because he “didn’t want to lose his no claims bonus”, Ms Prince said.

The crash caused damage worth £2,600 to Mr Watson’s car, and his family members saw their GP for back and neck injuries.

Knapp admitted failing to stop after an accident, failing to report an accident and driving without due care and attention at Salisbury magistrates’ court on Friday.

Representing himself, Knapp, a truck driver by trade, said: “I can’t say I’m sorry enough.

“I feel so bad, I just wish I never went to pick my wife up. We was rowing but it’s no excuse, there ain’t no excuse for what I have done.

“I just don’t really want to lose my job, my family and my house.”

Knapp was fined £750, with £85 costs, a £75 surcharge and eight points on his licence