A LONGSTOCK postman was honoured at a ceremony that awarded those who showed 'great courage and goodwill to those most in need.'

David Watson was recognised at the latest Chief Constable's Awards ceremony for not hesitating to act in a 'life or death' situation.

In March last year Mr Watson was doing his usual round when he came across an elderly gentleman who was cold and unresponsive on the ground near the vicarage in Longstock.

He immediately started CPR and called the emergency services.

Police and paramedics took over after he continued to do CPR for more than 20 minutes.

Despite everyone’s best efforts the man died on his way to hospital, however, Mr Watson had 'given him the very best chance of survival.'

For his efforts Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney awarded Mr Watson the Royal Humane Society (RHS) Certificate of Resuscitation at the ceremony in Netley.

Chief Constable Pinkney said: “It has been humbling to hear so many examples of how our officers and members of the public, from across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, have shown such compassion to those in desperate need.

“None of the recipients of the RHS Awards knew what the outcome would be, but without hesitation they made sure they did everything they could to save lives, sometimes putting themselves in danger by doing so.

“I am also very proud to have honoured officers for their long service and commitment to getting dangerous criminals off our streets.

“During the festive season we talk a lot about showing goodwill to others and helping those in need, but these awards have shown that we are lucky to have so many people in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight who are willing to do this all year round.”