A KIMPTON pre-school has received positive feedback following an inspection where staff were found to be “passionate about their work”.

Bright Futures Pre-school maintained its “good” rating from Ofsted when it was visited last month.

The school received a ‘good’ in all areas, including in effectiveness of the leadership and management, quality of teaching learning and assessment, personal development, behaviour and welfare, and outcomes for children.

In a report the inspector said staff provided a “welcoming safe and secure environment”.

The report added: “Staff are passionate about their work and work well together as part of a friendly and motivated team.”

Inspectors also said the manager was also seen to be enthusiastic about moving the pre-school forward and making positive changes.

Staff were found to help motivate children to play and explore.

They did this by providing an exciting range of indoor and outdoor toys and equipment.

By helping children to think about the differences between two dinosaurs, for example, staff encouraged children to think and actively listened to their responses.

The report added: “Children have good opportunities to develop their imagination.

“For instance, they enjoy putting on puppet shows for their friends and staff.”

Children at the pre-school are caring to others and behave well.

For example, children who have attended for some time helped new starters to help them feel secure.

In “outcomes for children” the inspector said children of all ages make good progress in their learning, adding: “They are extremely independent and confident to make choices about their play.

“Children show good early literacy skills as they confidently identify letters through a range of activities.”

In order to further improve the inspector said the school should extend professional development opportunities for staff to raise the quality of teaching to a higher level.

They also recommended it should also improve opportunities for children to play without interruption so they can complete their chosen tasks to their satisfaction.