THERE can be some relief for residents in Kempshott after Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council (BDBC) has promised to look after an area of land better.

Concerns were raised by residents close to the Orchard, near Kendal Gardens in Kempshott, after it was seen that the grass had not been cut evenly, leading to long tufts nine inches long in places and uneven grass.

Kempshott resident Paul Flint had noticed and complained to BDBC.

He said: “It’s an area that is used regularly, there is a footpath and it is a public space.

“Dog walkers use it a lot as well, and having such long grass means that they can’t clean up after their dogs properly, meaning that the area just got even more messy.

“It wasn’t fair and I was fed up with it.”

BDBC has a schedule of when they cut the grass, 13 times between March and October, averaging out at about once every two-and-a-half weeks, however Mr Flint said he kept track of the times the grassy area was cut and said it was close to five or six weeks.

He said it was only after escalating the complaint to the chief executive at BDBC that action was taken.

Mr Flint said: “After having a look with two gentlemen from the council in December, the grass was cut a few days after, and I wanted to make sure it was cut properly before winter.

“It took a while, but the council reacted well, but it was only after a month or two of complaining.”

Head of environmental services at BDBC Colin Rowland said: “Following a complaint about the levels of grass cutting at The Orchard in Kempshott, we met a resident on site to discuss their concerns.

“Having agreed that a patch of grass near the trees hadn’t been cut with the same frequency as the rest of the area, we returned the next day to put this right.

“Grass cutting is an integral part of our summer grounds maintenance service and we’re very proud of this programme.

“We aim to cut grass in the borough approximately 13 times a year which is more frequent than in neighbouring boroughs.”