AN EXASPERATED resident is looking for answers after it has taken nearly a decade for remedial work at her house to take place.

Caroline Smith, of Wiltshire Crescent, has had problems with her home, owned by Barratt Homes, for eight years, including a leak that has not yet been fixed.

Problems started in 2009 after moving into the property, with the porch roof leaking into the downstairs toilet.

The first major water ingress occurred in December 2012, which was repaired by a third party that Caroline had brought in as she had nowhere to else to turn.

After, a back-and-forth discussion ensued between the two, as leaks would become a yearly occurrence.

A crack appeared in the canopy near the front of the house, and following that, the leak even started to flow onto the house’s fusebox.

Caroline said: “While we have both agreed on a way forward, there have only been temporary fixes in the past. At the outset, they did not seem interested in the problem, and then after they acknowledged it, they sent round builders to fix it, to little success.

“I have had to get a solicitor involved in the process, and only then has there been progress.”

While offers of remedial work were made, and attempts to fix the problems have been made, work has not been completed in a lasting way. Caroline said other problems have also surfaced.

A Barratt Homes spokesperson said: “We are fully aware of the situation at Wiltshire Crescent following a full inspection in December and have been in close communication with the customer, agreeing a solution which will be completed shortly.

“We plan to make good the repairs to the canopy surface and, weather permitting, we hope to be able to complete these works by the end of this week.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

Work to fix the current leak was due to begin again earlier this week, accompanied by the building surveyor.

Caroline added: “While it is encouraging to see that the work is being started, there has still been no offer of any financial help for the solicitor or building surveyor. They have only offered any form of compensation had I missed a day of work or similar circumstances.

“The concern is still there that the right work won’t get done, as it hasn’t before. I’m not sure why they haven’t spent the money and fixed the problems the first time around instead of having to come out several times to fix the same problem.”