THE team creating the Ludgershall war memorial garden is taking the next step by setting up a crowdfunding campaign.

The Ludgershall Great War Commemoration Group teamed up with Ludgershall Town Council and have set a £5,000 target to refurbish the current Rose Garden into a lasting tribute to those who served in the First World War.

The group formed in 2014 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the start of the war and aims to have the garden ready for the Armistice anniversary this November.

Commemoration group chairman Peter Unwin said: “It was decided to expand the group’s ambitions by completely refurbishing the Rose Garden in its entirety as a lasting memorial to those that made the ultimate sacrifice.

“It is without doubt a challenging project.

“Some commitment of physical, material or financial support has been made by national companies and local organisations and has yet to be finalised, however the specialist tasks of laying the resin surface, bricklaying, signage, lighting and planting are ancillary items that will have to be funded in order to complete the project in its entirety.

“The aim is to have works completed in time for a dedication service during the 2018 Remembrance Parade which coincidentally falls on the November 11.”

Earlier this month the group were appealing for designs for the new garden, and have announced a proposal by Sally Pocock was decided on unanimously.

The design hosts a colourful poppy-shaped paving in the centre of the garden where the pillar clock will also stand, surrounded by low level and raised flowerbeds, and space for two commemorative benches to look into the space.

Mr Unwin added: “A design by Sally Pocock was decided on unanimously as complying with the design criteria of being user friendly with improved access and egress for wheelchair users and being predominately maintenance free.

“The main feature of the design being a large poppy in the centre of the garden in a coloured compacted resin material.

“The garden will also be renamed ‘The Commemorative Garden or The Centenary Garden’.”

To donate to the garden project, go to