AN ANDOVER junior school recently travelled back through time by visiting one of the 'wonders' of the world that was only a 20 minute drive away.

Anton Junior School pupils made a trip to Stonehenge, which promotes how you can ‘Walk in the footsteps of your Neolithic ancestors.

Year 3s visited one of the best-known prehistoric monument in Europe, where one of the school's governors, Nick Jones, works.

As part of their ‘Stone Age’ topic, pupils completed a workshop on the Neolithic era.

This included discovering how the stones arrived at their destination and by whom.

The pupils made their own Stonehenge models and had the opportunity to sit in Neolithic shelters.

They were also allowed to handle weapons from that era and even made a wall from twigs.

All of this was alongside an obligatory trip to the stones where they were taught the history behind it all.

Jessica Lincoln, a 3S pupil, said: “I loved how close to the stones we could get, we could almost touch them!”