HAMPSHIRE County Council has moved to reassure residents as the county gets ready to experience the coldest week of the year.

Temperatures have already dropped and are set to fall below freezing again on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

The Met Office has forecast slightly warmer temperatures on Thursday but it will drop to 0C again on Friday.

The county council says its teams have already completed 50 grit runs over the course of winter.

Councillor Rob Humby said: "I’d ask people to take care when they are out and about, to drive according to the weather conditions at all times, and to be patient around salting lorries.

"Keeping the main roads free of ice will take priority for our highways teams this week.

"With the likelihood of almost continuous salt runs, some routine road repairs may need to be postponed, although emergencies will always be treated as such and made safe as a matter of urgency.

"If footways are icy, everyone can help in their neighbourhoods by using the salt bins.

"Spreading a small amount of salt from the community salt bins on the pavements or smaller access roads not covered by the highways crews can make a big impact on frozen and icy surfaces."