A CONCERNED father has expressed alarm at a town centre nightclub after it did not call an ambulance for his unconscious son on Saturday night.

The former nightclub medic, who wished not to be named, received a call from Cameo Andover staff at 12.09am on Saturday night, and told the family that their son was in the medical room and that they should come to collect him.

The 18-year-old's parents were also led to believe their son could have been spiked.

When the parents arrived at the London Street venue they saw him lying outside unconscious with one member of door staff at his head.

The dad said: “We found him unconscious on the floor outside covered in vomit, and I queried them why they hadn’t even called an ambulance and a female staff member said no do you want one? I think they were shocked I asked for one.

“I am trained as a medic so I was really shocked as I know how to deal with unconscious people. He was unresponsive to pain, completely unconscious.

“What would have happened if my son had died?”

An ambulance first responder and an ambulance attended the scene after being called at 1.01am.

The father said initially the clubber was to be taken to hospital in Winchester, but after treatment at the scene for around 40 minutes he was taken home.

While it was found that the man had not been spiked, his father has said “the big issue was why had the nightclub not even called anyone?”

In response to the incident a Cameo Andover spokesperson said: “The safety of our customers is always our main priority.

“When our team discovered an intoxicated customer, they provided immediate first aid and waited with him until his parents arrived.”