THE majority of parents in Hampshire with children due to start school in September have been offered one of their preferred primary schools, according to Hampshire County Council.

More than 14,600 applications were processed by the council from residents in the county for reception year places, with just over 98 per cent offered one of their three choices.

This included 93.58 per cent being allocated their first choice, up from 90.86 per cent last year.

Meanwhile in Wiltshire 98.8 per cent were awarded one of their three preferred schools and 93.4 per cent were awarded their first choice.

Of pupils transferring from infant school to junior school in Hampshire, 99 per cent received a place at one of their choices, with 98 per cent obtaining a place at their first-choice school.

For the few cases where parents did not secure a place for their child in a school of their choice, parents are advised in their notification about the right to appeal against the refusal of a place and arrangements for their preferred school’s waiting list.

According to the council, places may become available before September for a variety of reasons including families moving house or out of the area, or if parents change their mind and decide to decline the place allocated to their child, having secured an alternative school place.