AUGUSTA Park and Burghclere Down could be transferred to Andover Town under new propsals.

Test Valley Borough Council has published draft recommendations in its Community Governance Review, following a first round of consultations which gained 109 representations from councils and the public.

Among the initial proposals which were approved by full council last month, Andover Town Council (ATC) would gain Augusta Park from Smannell Parish Council, and Burghclere Down from Abbotts Ann Parish Council, despite the latter authority opposing the move.

This could increase ATC’s electorate from its existing 30,860 constituents in January 2018, to 37,242 by 2022.

ATC chair Barbara Long said: “We very much felt residents in Augusta Park and Burghclere Down both felt they were part of Andover, and not necessarily part of Smannell and Abbots Ann parishes.

“It is a case of where do residents think they live makes it easier for them to understand the governance on different levels of county, borough and the parish and so they can have that ownership.

“It is very confusing for residents if at one level in some ward but at another level of government somewhere else.”

A total of 80 issues were identified during the process and the public is now being encouraged to take part in the second round of consultations, and make further proposals that have not been raised.

The borough council’s corporate portfolio holder, Councillor Maureen Flood, said: “The guiding principles of the review are that parish arrangements across the borough should reflect the identities and interests of the community in that area, and should be effective and convenient.

“The council is keen to hear from those wishing to support the draft recommendations, as well as comments seeking changes to those recommendations.”

“We would like to thank everyone who responded during the first round of consultation and we look forward to receiving further feedback during the second stage.”

Other land swaps recommended include between Quarley and Grateley, Appleshaw and Penton Grafton, and Barton Stacey and Longparish.

A cross-party group of borough councillors will consider the representations and make final recommendations to full council in September, and publish its final proposals.

New arrangements will come into force for the local elections in May 2019.

The second consultation stage is now open until July 6. Responses can be sent to and full details of the current recommendations can be found at, searching Community Governance Review.