ANDOVER driving instructors were among the first in the country to take to the motorways with learners after changes to the law.

Previously only drivers who had passed their test were allowed to drive on motorways, but now learners are able to take lessons in a dual-control car with an approved driving instructor.

Donna Teresa New from Donna’s Driving School took leaner Shannan Edwards for a motorway lesson on Monday, June 4, when the new law came into action.

She said: “We went out at 9:45am, when it was quieter to miss rush time traffic.

“It was a nice little introduction to motorway driving.

“It was a very historic moment and I was glad to be part of it. It’s a positive move forward for learner drivers in general. I think for learners to have a go at the motorway now will give them better insight into how to deal with busy traffic and big lorries passing.”

Learner Shannan Edwards said: “Today was the first day that a learner driver could drive on a motorway with a driving instructor and I did it and was part of history. Possibly one of the most exciting things ever and not at all scary as I thought. Thank you to Donna for being with me every step of the way and being the one to have built up my confidence enough to do it.”

Rachel Hicks of Rachel’s Driving School was part of a convoy of seven instructors and learners that went out from Junction 1 just off the M27 together to the M3.

She took pupil Bel Coles, for her first experience driving on a motorway.

Rachel said: “The kids were really keen and nervous, but were looking forward to doing something they had never done before.

“I have been following and signing petitions for nine years now.

“I have been waiting for this to happen for a very long time. It means my pupils can drive on every road type there is.

“Some instructors are all for it, and some aren’t. Some believe drivers shouldn’t be allowed on the motorway until they’ve passed their test. It’s mostly the older generation of instructors, not wanting to move forward with the times.

“If I’d learnt how to do motorways before I did my test way back when, then I would have been much happier.”