A FRESH bid to expand Picket Piece has been lodged, despite previous fears from council planning chiefs.

Foreman Homes has submitted an application to build 22 homes on an area north of 10 Walworth Road, just five months after a similar proposal was turned down by Test Valley Borough Council.

It was refused in January this year for several reasons, including poor design, inadequate parking and “unacceptable” noise levels.

But developers have returned with a third application to build the homes which they say has been “extensively revised” to address concerns from the council.

In a planning document, Foreman Homes states: “Achieving good design is about creating places, buildings, or spaces that work well for everyone, look good, last well, and will adapt to the needs of future generations. Good quality design is integral to creating a sustainable development.”

With the refusal of the previous plan, the council said despite 50 on-site parking spaces, the layout did not provide adequate and convenient parking and visitor parking.

And after going back to the drawing board it has reduced the number of spaces by one, 44 of which are allocated with the remainder for visitor use, adding: “Parking is conveniently located close to the entrances of dwellings. Revisions make the proposed parking convenient for the host dwellings and would deter informal parking across the site.”

And the housebuilders have said that there is now a focus on “green infrastructure” including play areas and visions to protect to the environment.

Privacy was also an issue as it was deemed the layout did not provide acceptable distances between plots to prevent mutual overlooking.

In the latest plan Foreman Homes said that all homes are “well proportioned and served by private open space”, and in following changes to the layout the “development would result in a pleasant environment in which future residents may enjoy ample open space.”

The plan is adjacent to another application in which Forman Homes is proposing to build 82 homes, which had previously been refused, but it returned with another outline application in May in a bid to secure permission for the site to be developed.

The 22-home proposal will go before Andover Town Council’s planning committee on Monday to allow members to have their say before being decided on by the borough council.