A FAMILY friend has put out a plea for help after three men have been left with nothing but the clothes on their back following a suspected arson attack.

Shannon Lynette Fryer is asking for the Andover community to come together and donate clothes for a dad and his two grown-up sons after a fire destroyed their home in King George Road in the early hours of this morning (Friday).

Fire crews were called to the street at 1.11am after the blaze caught hold of the ground floor, first floor and the roof, with a minor fire spreading to a neighbouring property.

Hampshire police have now arrested a 53-year-old woman from Andover on suspicion of arson and she currently remains in custody

Shannon, who has known the sons for a number of years, is currently putting up the pair, whilst their dad is staying with another friend.

She said: “They have lost everything. The eldest boy just escaped from the house in just a t-shirt and his boxers, so we are looking for anything and everything, but mainly clothes.”

Shannon says the two sons wear medium tops and 30-inch waist trousers, while the dad wears 38 to 40-inch trousers and four XL t-shirts and shoes sized eight, nine and 10.

“They are just devastated at the moment. I believe they have lived in that house all their life and the dad had just finished paying off the mortgage a couple of months ago.”

In a post on the Advertiser’s Facebook page, Shannon added: “If anyone has got anything they can donate to this family of 3..They would cherish anything! They have lost absolutely everything! One only has a tshirt and shorts! No shoes, nothing!”

Anyone who can help is asked to contact Shannon on Facebook to arrange a donation.