“We have always called it the Roman Way family, everybody cares about everybody else.”

Those were the sentiments of Sue Parkinson who has worked at Roman Way Primary School for over 40 years but at the end of term will turn off her computer for one last time.

Sue, 70, joined the school on July 17, 1978, as a clerical assistant.

In the following 40 years, she has seen over 2,200 children go through the school and has loved seeing them grow up.

“Children who were here when I first came here have become parents and now work here as teaching assistants and have become friends – that is nice having that.”

But Sue has not only become friends with some of the former students - she is also godmother to some of the school’s current pupils.

The decision to retire has been difficult for the mother-of-two, but she has decided that the time is right.

“It has taken me a long time to decide to go. I have really enjoyed every minute that is why it has taken so long to retire.

“Everybody has always been so lovely and there is such friendship amongst everyone and everyone has been really caring.

It's not only the children that Sue has seen come and go but also headteachers – outlasting eight of them – and having to welcome new technology.

“When I first started we didn’t have computers, but I have had to learn that and take it all on board and do it all and then I became an admin officer.”

And over the years she has been involved in events from Christmas productions to school fetes – often helping out in the kitchen selling chips.

Headteacher Sarah Jones said: “Sue is an institution in her own right. She knows every child, their parents and even some grandparents.

“She has cared for generations of children seeing them grow with children of their own, some of whom now attend Roman Way.

“Sue has been an absolute pleasure to work with and we will miss her so much - she is part of the fabric of Roman Way.

“On behalf of all the children, families, staff and governors, we would like to thank Sue for her 40 years of dedicated service, with a smile, and wish Sue a very long and very happy retirement. We shall miss her enormously.”

Following the last day of term Sue will retire and spend more time with her husband Tony but is not ruling out returning to the school for an occasional visit.

“I have gone an extra 10 years and I knew I needed to spend some time with my husband,” Sue added.