A BODY which oversaw the running of three Andover schools will cease to exist from today after its intake has grown.

The Discovery Federation was set up in 2010 to take over the governance of Roman Way, Knights Enham and Endeavour primary schools, but it will now cease to exist after midnight tonight.

Chair of governors of the Discovery Foundation Matthew Main said: “Over the last eight years it [the federation] has done an awful lot of great work helping to support children in the area and collaborate the schools to work together, but as time has gone on we have had to make some changes.

“A decision was taken to move away from the executive head structure last year and to appoint substantive heads in each school but to retain a single governing body. It was felt by governors that this allowed the schools to further develop their own strong identity and leadership in order to better serve pupils and families.”

After the academy trust due to run the new school serving part of Augusta Park pulled out, Endeavour was requested to take on the role, which it accepted, and it was then decided that each Discovery Federation school should have its own governing body.

“Governors felt that in order to maintain effective governance and to ensure the best outcomes and experience for children, it would be more beneficial to have a separate governing body for Endeavour,” Mr Main added.

“Given the strong leadership now in place at the other two schools, it was felt that the federation had done its job and the right decision for children was to move back to having an individual governing body for each school.”

It is hoped the new system will allow governors to “get much closer to the school they are involved with and to support the leadership and hold leaders to account”.

As part of winding-up of the trust, redundancies will be made, with a consultation still ongoing into what roles are at risk.

However, Mr Main said that the majority of these will come from “natural wastage” and staff are expected to be “realigned” at the individual schools.

He added: “Any job losses, no matter how small in number are regrettable and we have worked hard to minimise these, however, I am unable to confirm any details. The schools continue to work with those affected during this difficult period.

“The main intention has been to ensure all schools are fit for the future and in a place to deliver the best experience and outcomes for pupils whilst addressing budget issues, including those caused by reductions in government funding.”

The dissolving of the foundation will also see uniforms undergo a change from September.