A PIECE of history has been donated to a specialist museum after an Andover resident struck upon the item in her attic.

The woman, has asked not to be named, was given a table cloth detailing the names of those who fought in the First World War as part of the 2nd London Division.

The needlework was created by one of her former clients when she was working as a nurse in 1966 at an acupuncture clinic in Southampton.

“The lady used to come in from the Isle of Wight and she was always giving me gifts, but when I was given this I wasn’t very interested in it and now as I am getting older history has got a lot more important.”

And in 1991 the woman showed the piece to Sotheby’s auction house and was given the reply: “The Collectors Department found your table cloth very interesting and in years to come it will be a worth antique – so hang on to it”.

But the table cloth remained in her attic until last month when it was rediscovered as part of her task to move homes.

She then decided to take it to the Museum of Army Flying at Middle Wallop but was directed to the National Army Museum, where after dozens of talks it was sanctioned to be in its collection.

And on June 28 it was officially given to the museum for safekeeping with hopes that it will sit amongst the thousands of other army artefacts.

“I just want in the proper place as it is a valuable part of history. I shall be proud to have it as part of the collection and honour the lady who made it.

“I am so pleased that it is going to be in a place where a lot of people will see it.”