NEARLY half of all Test Valley borough councillors claimed no expenses in the last financial year.

A total of 23 out of 48 Test Valley Borough Council members made no claims for travel and subsistence expenses in 2017/18, and only four councillors, all in roles of extra responsibility, claimed more than £1,000.

Leader of the council Councillor Phil North, deputy leader of the council Councillor Nick Adams-King, former mayor Councillor Carl Borg-Neal and cabinet member Councillor Phil Bundy claimed £1,042.55, £1,155, £2,337.95 and £1,111.50 respectively for their travel and subsistence costs.

The basic members’ allowance was increased by just £1 to £6,582 for this financial year, while special responsibility allowance, which is paid to those with positions of responsibility such as committee chairs or cabinet members, remains unchanged.

Cllr Phil North received the highest pay rate at £12,479 pro rata, received £11,992.17 overall as he was not in the role for a full year, and Councillor Carl Borg-Neal claimed the most expenses at £2,337.95 for 2017/18 when he served as mayor and so travelled to events throughout the borough of his own volition.