RE ASTER’S failed bid to demolish garages and build houses (Advertiser article July 20, ‘Rejection for housing group’).

This bid speaks volumes as to why Aster nearly doubled the rents on these garages.

The comment by the Aster spokesman about always looking at how best to use land that they own is rather confusing because Aster own nothing.

When Sarsen, now Aster, was formed we were told that they were just a management structure put in place to manage the day to day running of the housing stock on behalf of the council who still own these properties and garages.

So when did this change and when did the council sell to Aster for them to comment about land they own?

Aster have lost sight of what they were set up to do and think they are something that they are not.

M S Powell, Linden Close, Ludgershall

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