AN ANDOVER school’s excellence in challenging bullying has once again been recognised.

Harrow Way Community School has been endorsed by the national organisation Bullying Intervention Group (BIG).

For the second year running, the school is the only one in Hampshire to have been awarded with the much-coveted Big Award for its “exemplary work”.

Headteacher Michael Serridge said: “This goes way beyond having an anti-bullying policy in place.

“We have successfully demonstrated to the team at BIG that we have a collaborative approach which embraces our entire school and local community.”

As part of its bid to tackle bullying, the school ensures there are regular staff training while Year 10 peer supporters have also undertaken training on a restorative justice initiative so they can help resolve conflicts between their peers.

Mr Serridge added: “It is vital that every chid at this school is enabled to fulfil their true educational potential and enjoy their community activities, without fear of being bullied and happy children are successful students.”

The school also holds ‘Tutor Standstills’ to discuss and debate whether certain situations are bullying or not and reminds students of the consequences if they bully in school.

There are half-termly anti-bullying meetings which students can attend and students have recently filmed an anti-bullying video which they will be sharing with other schools to spread the message.

BIG director Val McFarlane said: “They have maintained their high level of anti-bullying proactive strategies to make their school a place where pupils feel safe from bullying, and friendship issues are quickly acted upon.

“Well done to all.”