A 12-YEAR-OLD Andover pupil has become a published author with a story inspired by his time at primary school.

Dmitrijs Meiksans, who is now in Year 7 at Harrow Way Community School, has celebrated the publication of his short story Lonely.

The book tells the tale of lead character Tom who discovers magical powers which he uses to get revenge on a group of school bullies

Dmitrijs’ book was inspired by many positive discussions and debates from his time in Year 6 at primary school.

Self-confessed book lover Dmitrijs said: “It has always been an ambition of mine to hold a book in my hands which I have written.

“I felt I needed to get an important message out as bullying is not OK and anyone being bullied should always speak up.”

Lonely centres around three main characters; Tom, his best friend Jessie and a Mrs Lovely who all live in a fictional town called Clockton.

Although Tom’s newly-found magic initially gives him confidence and empowers him to deal with his bullies, things start to go wrong when the magic goes awry.

Having achieved his ambition of holding his own published work in his hands, Dmitrijs is now busy writing the sequel to Lonely which he hopes will be out next year.

Headteacher Michael Serridge said: “We are hugely proud of Dmitrijs. To meet a student at the tender age of 12, who not only has the talent to write a book but also create the front cover design and go through the entire self-publishing route, which can be quite complex is genuinely inspiring. I have little doubt with his talent and ambition, he will go far.”