CAMPAIGNERS took the streets in Andover to survey the public opinion on Brexit.

The group North Hampshire for Europe asked residents two questions in the run-up to March 29, 2019, when it expected the country will leave the EU.

People were asked, are they happy with the government’s handling of Brexit negotiations and would they like a vote on the final deal.

According to the group, 88 per cent of those asked are unhappy with the government’s handling of the issue and 53 per cent called for vote on the final deal.

Local organiser Len Gates said: “These results are in line with findings from across Hampshire and the country as a whole.

“The public are increasingly frustrated by the government’s lack of clarity on where it is taking us and worried about the consequences of its ill prepared plans for the future.

“It’s becoming increasingly clear that the claims and promises of two years ago cannot be delivered or even squared with the wishes of the people. There is no majority to continue along the current path.”