Students swapped books for broomsticks as they explored the magical world of Harry Potter.

Year 8 pupils from Winton Community Academy visited the films' studios in London on Thursday, September 13.

The trip formed part of the children's learning as they are studying extracts from the books and were able to see these develop through the movie sets and artefacts.

Headteacher Nathan Thomas said: "Watching the awe and wonder on students faces as the saw the full scale model of Hogwarts and jumped on the Hogwarts Express was a joy to behold.

"As a school we believe that learning should take place in the classroom and beyond and firmly believe in relevant trips to inspire young people.

"This was a great trip linking to our literacy drive and engaging students in the magical world of Harry Potter. The students were an absolute delight even after one too many Butter beers in 'The Three Broomsticks'".