JEFFREY Saunders was born in 1934 at Pirbright in Surrey.

His family moved to the Andover area in 1940 when his father began war work on a local farm. Jeffrey did his army national service in post-war Germany, where he learned to ride a motorbike, and continued to ride motorbikes until the 1980s. He had since an early age loved steam trains, so he was delighted to join Southern Railways after his demob. His ambition was to become an engine driver and had progressed to fireman when sadly an accident in 1955 stopped his railway career.

Although he had been taking photographs since his teenage years, the hobby was taken more seriously in the 1960s, when he principally photographed railways and the Andover area. He documented the changes to Andover through the decades until around 2000, creating an invaluable and unique record, in colour, of the town.

His health began to worsen in recent years, and he died on September 20 at Andover Nursing Home. He was 84.