A MAJOR linking road described as a “rat run” is becoming increasingly dangerous.

That is the view of Overton resident and transport representative for the area Brian Langer who is voicing concerns over the C29 road, which runs between the B3400 at Overton to the A303 where the road’s verges at points can be seen six to eight inches deep.

The road is a well-used route for villagers to get to the motorway but lorries making journeys to Overton Mill, Laverstoke Mill and retail units such as Co-op and Spar are increasingly wearing down the road.

Mr Langer said: “It is a road whose condition has been deteriorating over many years, especially its haunches, which are being seriously eroded by the increasing use of the road by HGVs.

“The main surface of the road is in quite good condition but it is the sides (the haunches) which constitute a serious safety issue as the depth of the related erosion is almost one foot in places.

“Someone has placed a cone in one particularly deep hole but Hampshire County Council (HCC) never seem to give the road any priority for repairs.”

Concern was also raised over damage that could be done to cars whose tyres could get stuck in the dipped verges, particularly when passing HGVs.

Mr Langer added: “If you come off the side in a low sports car, you would have no sports car left.”

While funding challenges for the county council are recognised, the Overton resident said one solution would be to fill the holes with gravel.

Overton Parish Council also shares the concerns and considers the deep holes and breaking away “haunches” as a safety issue, particularly to the north of the railway bridge.

County council transport boss Councillor Rob Humby said: “White Hill Road is regularly inspected by our teams and any safety defects scheduled for repair.

“Following an enquiry from Overton Parish Council about some damage to verges there, our inspectors will assess the site this week and any safety issues identified will be addressed through our highways maintenance programme.”

An Overton Parish Council spokesperson said: “The council has had concerns about the C29 for as long as I can remember.”Due to the nature of the road - it is not wide enough for two cars to pass in some places and certainly not two lorries. The situation has been exacerbated recently because the haunches are breaking away in a number of places.

“This has been reported to HCC but the work has still not been carried out.

“The parish council consider that the deep holes on the side of the road are a safety issue on some parts of the road particularly to the north of the railway bridge.”