A FURIOUS resident could face time in prison after refusing to pay her council tax - due to troublesome trees.

Lesley Taylor, of Rawlings Court, Ludgershall, has been battling for over a decade with trees that were planted by Ludgershall Town Council behind the fence at the end of her garden.

Angered as she felt her complaints fell on deaf ears, Mrs Taylor concluded that she would stop paying her council tax to Wiltshire Council in an attempt to bring attention to the issue.

Now the resident has received a letter instructing her of her court date on November 6.

She said: “Six months ago I decided the only way to get heard was to stop paying my council tax.

“I emailed them to let them know I will not be paying until they listen.

“I bought the house in 2002 with my late husband. The views and outlook onto the playing field were lovely, but within months of moving in, I heard noises outside the window, there were council workmen planting trees behind the fence in my back garden.

“Over the last 10 years, they have completely destroyed my garden and blocked the light from my home.

They have destroyed my decking and lawn and the roots are about four feet from the foundations of my house.

“This is also affecting neighbours’ gardens and has likely reduced the value of my property.

“I’ve been going round and round for years now, I feel like I should just move. To this day I have never been given a reason as to why the trees were planted in the first place.

“This is not the community I thought it was really.”

Ludgershall Town Council (LTC) has said it attempted to engage with Mrs Taylor, sending her a letter outlining the results of a tree survey which found the overhanging tree to be safe and in good condition, not requiring action to be taken.

LTC added it offered to collect any trimmings if Mrs Taylor wished to cut back parts of the tree (as other householders have done in the area) and that two councillors were to meet with Mrs Taylor at an agreed date but they were informed she did not answer and since have tried to engage with her to no avail.

A Wiltshire Council spokesperson said: “Despite an ongoing issue between a resident and Ludgershall Town Council, we must continue the process of recovering council tax arrears.

“While we understand disputes can arise, they are not a defence against the payment of council tax. We will continue the recovery process until the full amount owed has been paid. We hope the issue between the two parties can be resolved as quickly as possible, and if we are able to assist in any way to help achieve this then we will do so.”