THE recent report by scientists of the world was uncompromising in the warning it issued to our world about the effects of continued global warming.

So far, the warnings have largely been ignored. One of the driving issues behind Brexit is so that we can trade with more and more nations. But ‘trade miles’ mean more CO2 emissions and we need to start thinking about trade intranationally and not internationally: but, if internationally, then with the nations that are geographically nearest to us.

We need to do away with door to door deliveries and use local pick up points, to drop the idea of another runway at any of the London airports, and to grapple seriously with the issue of using personal transport less.

The cry is that our economy needs to grow. But if our style of living continues to increase global warming we shall be in quite a different economy, if we are not already there. The cost of living with global warming will be of quite a different order. We should be ahead of the game and we are playing catch up, or some are.

Graham Trasler, Cole Close, Andover