A DRUG dealer said “I think I have just killed someone” as he returned to a home after a clash in an alley, a court heard yesterday.

The trial of murder accused Zandrae Smith continued at Winchester Crown Court, after a confrontation on April 13, which resulted in rival drug dealer Tommy Ferris being stabbed and later dying.

In evidence heard previously, the pair were said to get into a ‘violent tussle’ shortly after Mr Ferris robbed Mr Smith’s money, phone and drugs, after accusing him of dealing on his patch.

Witnesses then described Mr Smith jogging back towards the 28-year-old Londoner, jumping on him and delivering the first blow before they began to fight before 1am.

A statement from Caesar Close resident Joel Gordon Stables described to jurors how the defendant, now 21, had come to his house earlier that evening at around 5.30pm, and stayed at the address making multiple trips in and out of the house that night.

Mr Stables recalled “frantic knocking” on his front door at around 1.15am to 1.30am, and that it was Mr Smith, who he and others knew as ‘K’, who seemed “out of breath and scared” and tried to take his trousers off.

He said: “He was very panicked. He said ‘I think I have just killed someone…can I come in I need to get cleaned up’ He kept on saying ‘please, please just let me get cleaned up’.

“I was really angry he had done something bad and come here, he was making it my problem. I wanted to get him out. I think he realised he was on his own so he then wanted to get out of there.

“He had been in my house for three minutes at the most.”

At around 2am the resident then heard a car reversing and recognised the voice of who he thought to be ‘K’ getting into the car.

In the morning, Mr Stables went to take rubbish out of his house, and saw what looked like blood on his front door handle.

The court also heard a statement from a woman named Roxanne Amor, a crack cocaine and heroin user, who said she drove the defendant to Basingstoke following a phone call she received at around 1am from the Brian network, a drug dealing group Mr Smith belonged to, asking her to drive him from Caesar Close to an address in the neighbouring town in return for drugs.

She said: “There was no further conversation as to why he needed picking up.”

Ms Amor recalled Mr Smith jump in the car at Caesar Close, and that he was swearing and cursing and concerned about his phone and chain which he said had been stolen by a man he didn’t know.

She added: “He was very agitated.

“He kept saying if he had been stabbed and talking about blood, he wasn’t making much sense.

“At no stage when K was with us did he say he stabbed anyone or hurt anyone. He was only concerned he might have been stabbed and his phone and chain had been stolen.”

Yesterday, the officer in the case Detective Sergeant Chris Bradford also took to the witness box to tell jurors how the case had been conducted.

DS Bradford told the court three recent injuries were found on Mr Smith following his arrest on April 16, a 3.5cm length scratch to the right side of his neck, couple of scratches to his hand and finger and a further scratch to the back of his leg.

The officer said over the course of five interviews in time totalling three hours and 50 minutes, Mr Smith, of Octavia Court, Bradford, gave a ‘no comment’ response 1,063 times.

Mr Smith, who has entered a not guilty plea, said he was acting in self-defence.

The trial continues.