CAMPAIGNERS backing a People's Vote on the final Brexit deal took to the streets of London in demonstration on Saturday.

Members of the North Hampshire for Europe, coming from Andover, Basingstoke, Hook and beyond were among the 700,000 people estimated to march in favour of a public vote on the result of Brexit negotiations.

The non-political group campaigns for the notion across three North Hampshire constituencies, North West Hampshire, Basingstoke and North East Hampshire.

Group chair Jonathan Buisson said: "The crowd was enormous — at least five or six times bigger than the previous march — and we were proud to see our area represented along side groups from the length and breadth of the country and beyond. "Everything was peaceful but the strength of feeling cannot be denied.

"Our MPs need to stop squabbling over their unachievable plans and let the people have the final say.”

The regional campaign group met with like-minded supporters from across the south west at Waterloo before joining the march.

Demonstrators said there were so many people at the event it took nearly two hours after the official start time before they set off from Park Lane.

Mr Buisson added: "By the time we reached Trafalgar Square, the whole of Whitehall and Parliament Square was completely full.

"Politicians would be making a grave mistake to ignore this.”

The group is continuing its campaign with a street stall in the centre of Hook on Saturday, and by encouraging people to make their views known by writing to their MPs.

Its next meeting will be in Basingstoke on November 1.

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