HAMPSHIRE Constabulary is urging people to be respectful of others when out celebrating Halloween today.

Although the force says there is nothing to suggest there will be a repeat of the 'Clown Craze', they have issued additional advice aimed at those who may be tempted to do it.

The 'Clown Craze' saw people dress up as killer clowns across the UK in a bid to terrify residents in 2016.

With the recent release of horror film 'IT', which depicts a killer clown, at cinemas, Hampshire Constabulary has said it is possible for the prank to re-emerge.

For elderly and vulnerable people, police said that if you do not know who is calling at your house, you do not need to open the door, try to see who is at the door by looking through a spy hole or window before opening the door, if you have a chain on your door – keep this in place when opening the door and if you feel threatened in your home call police.