ALL 64 men from Whitchurch who died during the First World War are being remembered with a public display of thanks on a funeral home’s window.

Southern Co-op’s Whitchurch Funeralcare has created a window display with special meaning to the town’s residents, and funeral coordinator Denise Meaden has also added a personal touch with a wedding picture of her gran and grandad - who fought in the Second World War.

Her grandad’s medals are also on display alongside an easel listing the names of the 64 men from Whitchurch who died during the Great War.

The display includes their age, the date they were killed and where they lived in Whitchurch.

Denise said: “My nan lost three of her uncles during the First World War who were all from Whitchurch so each of these men are included in the list of people being remembered - Frank aged 27, Richard aged 20 and Ralph aged 17.

“We hope that the window not only marks the centenary but also means something to the local community.

“We have already had a huge response from the general public. We have had several people come into the branch to say how meaningful it is.”

Residents are currently able to pick up a poppy in the Winchester Street branch until November 11 and all proceeds will go to Royal British Legion.

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